Welcome to my photo pages for the 2007 collecting season in Colorado.

This summer, I worked with the Colorado State Office of the Bureau of Land Management and Chicago Botanic Garden Conservation Science program to collect seeds for the Millennium Seed Bank, headquartered in the UK. My searches spanned the gamut of biomes in Colorado: shortgrass prairie on high plains paleo-sand dunes, shale escarpments of the Roan Plateau, salt flats in the San Luis Valley, alpine meadows and fellfields in the Mosquito Range, flood bottoms of the Colorado River in Middle Park. I followed rain and sun to good places for seed, and it was a good summer generally. Along the way, I found really stunning hillsides, valleys, and vistas showcasing Colorado's wondrous geography and life. This is my home state, and I am happy to have the opportunity to share it.

  • Dots on the map, above, mark locations where seed collections were made this year. Seed species are among the photos included in these pages.
  • Click on the 'hotspots' in the map, or follow these text links, to open galleries of photos from Colorado's plains, parks, peaks, playas, and plateaus.

I've made the images as small in file size as I dared, to simultaneously remain clear and facilitate viewing over the Web. Despite this, depending on your connection, the photos may take a few moments to a minute to load in your browser.

posted 12 Nov 2007